Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gardening As I Can

Spring has been very slow to arrive here in the eastern midwest. I've been quite eager to get things planted in my yard, as it's my first full spring in my new little house. However, it has been too cold and rainy to allow for much gardening at all.

In lieu of planting outdoors, I've started several herbs and a few other plants in temporary pots and kept them next to the window in my bedroom. It has worked pretty well, although the frequent cloudy days have meant less sun exposure than I'd wish. My primary concern is the fact that my cats like to nosh on the leaves and so I have quite the time trying to keep the frisky felines away from my seedlings.


Willow said...

This is especially true if you are growing catnip :)

Debbie said...

Is your last frost date around mid-May?